Designed as a replica of Angela’s hands to mimic her legendary facial massage, you can now transform your skincare routine into a self-care ritual with our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Lifting Tool. An essential beauty massage tool, our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Lifting Tool sculpts and lifts the face while revitalizing the skin and amplifying the actives in Angela Caglia skincare products. 

  • Reduces appearance of puffiness and dark circles
  • Increases absorption of skincare products
  • Sculpts and lifts face
  • Circulation is improved
  • Inflammation is calmed
  • Instant glow is achieved

 Handcrafted from the highest-grade Rose Quartz and ethically sourced in Brazil, our stones are hand-crystal cut and hand-polished. Known as the ‘Love Stone,’ Rose Quartz has been revered since ancient times as a potent talisman, promoting self-love, assuaging self-doubt and disappointment, and signifying beauty. Honoring the centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine practice of integrating stones like rose quartz into facial care, Angela Caglia’s premium-stone tool collection pays homage to the Chinese culture with thoughtful handmade creations.

Appropriate for all skin types.

Please note this item is non-returnable nor is it eligible for discounts.

Directions for use: 

Use every day for up to 15 minutes as a morning ritual or evening ritual. 

Light to medium pressure. (Please note this is not recommended for people taking blood thinners)

  1. Use small tip end and start at back of neck, along the spine, move slowly up and down to hair line. (light to medium pressure) 
  2. Bring to the middle of forehead and then glide across your forehead and brows holding the side of the tool at a 15-degree angle, gently glide from the center of your forehead out, wiggling once you get to the hairline for maximum lymphatic drainage. 3x
  3. Gently glide small tip end of tool under your eyes, under orbital bone (add more serum if needed so as not to pull skin). Glide from the nose out to the temple and up to hairline to lift the eyes and brows. 3x
  4. Glide small tip end over your cheekbones. Move from the side of your nose toward the top of your ear. 3x
  5. Sweep large hand-like side under your cheekbones. Start at bottom of your nostril and go up and under your cheekbone toward ear. 3x
  6. Using small tip end, glide over your jaw bone. Start at middle of your chin and sweep along your jaw toward your earlobe. 3x
  7. Hug underneath your jawline with small tip end and sweep outward toward earlobe. 3x
  8. Sweep down your neck. Move from the top of your neck to just above your chest. 3x
  9. Sweep underneath your clavicle. Go toward your shoulders. 3x

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Use soap and water and lay flat to dry. Use clean, dry cloth between use.



Use every day for up to 15 minutes as a morning ritual or evening ritual.

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