Christophe Robin Detangling Hairbrush

100% natural boar-bristle & wood



A regular brushing is necessary for stimulating blood circulation, which generates hair growth, oxygenates the scalp and eliminates impurities. Brushing from root to tip distributes natural oils, protecting the hair fibre against harmful external factors, while brushing just a few times daily will strengthen the hair, make it supple and add shine.

Conditions of use:
Avoid contact with oil as it can damage the boar bristle holding strength



All hair types


Every day


Hairbrush made by hand according to a traditional French expertise


We select bristles suitable for all hair types


How to Use

Every morning or evening, flip your head upside down to stimulate the blood circulation, brush from roots to ends to massage, oxygenate and help eliminate product build up from the scalp.


THE PLUS: The hairbrush has been created exclusively with natural boar bristles, which are known to be superior to synthetic. Natural boar bristles have a similar structure to our hair and contain keratin compound, ensuring no damage to the hair and a very gentle brushing. The manufacturing follows a traditional French method, where bristles vary in length by a few tenths of a millimeter, for easy detangling and shiny silky hair.

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