Bioderma Sensibio Milk (8.33 fl. oz.)

A no-rinse cleanser that gently cleanses sensitive skin.

Product Details:

Ideal for sensitive skin, Bioderma's Sensibio Milk is a creamy cleanser that effectively removes makeup from the face and eyes. Toleridine™, its patented ingredient, biologically strengthens the skin's resistance to attacks and increases the tolerance threshold of sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Toleridine™: using the power of seaweed and licorice root, this technology increases skin tolerance by reinforcing its natural barrier. It instantly relieves with Enoxolone, an ingredient that reduces typical pulling, heating and tingling sensations.
  • D.A.F.™ (Dermatological Advanced Formulation): with a seaweed extract and a combination of active ingredients working in a mild, synergistic and complementary way, this technology increases the tolerance threshold of the skin and stimulates its resistance.
  • Glycyrrhetinic Acid: instantly soothes and softens the skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Cleanses and removes makeup from face and eyes while soothing skin and making it soft.
  • An extra gentle, non-rinse, light and creamy cleanser formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Leaves the skin soft, comfortable and radiant.



A line of clinically tested products that boosts the skin's resistance to environmental factors.

How to Use:

Apply it onto your face and eye contours, using a cotton pad or your fingertips. No rinsing needed: your freshly purified skin is ready for the next step of your skincare routine.

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