Bioderma Sébium H2O Micellar Wipes (25 count)

A set of facial wipes that cleanse and soothe your skin.

Product Details:

Wipe away impurities and refresh your skin with Bioderma's Sébium Wipes. Formulated with H2O micellar water, these gentle face wipes help keep your skin clean and clear of debris, oil buildup and makeup, while gingko biloba hydrates and soothes your complexion.

BiodermaA line of clinically tested products that boosts the skin's resistance to environmental factors.

Key Ingredients:

  • H2O Micellar Water: cleanses the face from impurities
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: soothes the skin and boosts hydration

Key Benefits:

  • Wipes are soaked with H2O micellar water 
  • Purifies and soothes skin
  • Helps remove impurities such as sebum excess and pollution
  • Ideal for combination to oily skin types

The wipes can be used in the morning and/or evening, every day. Open the sachet, take a wipe and gently cleanse and/or remove make-up from your face. After, lightly dab your face with a clean cotton towel. Close the sachet after use. Your freshly cleansed skin is ready for the next step of your routine


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