Amber & Classical


Sublime Vanille sparkles with notes of lemon and bergamot creating a soft and shimmering scent.


An homage to the vanilla orchid, this provocative fragrance, from Les Royales Exclusives, blends bourbon vanilla and tonka bean to offer a soft oriental twist to the deep sensual base of tonkin musk. Decadent in style, Sublime Vanille will release the wearers seductive prowess.


A celebration of The House of Creed’s 250-year history of royal service

Les Royales Exclusives is a collection of timeless fragrances for the most discerning ladies and gentlemen. Sublime Vanille is a pillow-soft scent of ethereal magnificence.


There is a remarkable joy to be found in the powder-sweet jewels

of a confectioner’s shop window, where pretty pink bonbons, elegant truffles and richly colored pâte de fruits combine in a deliciously tempting symphony of delight.


Heady and irresistibly decadent

Sublime Vanille perfectly encapsulates the indulgent bounty of the sweetshop. Elevated with a shimmeringly glamorous dimension of rich amber notes, this is a timeless and hypnotically luxurious scent for men and women alike.



Alcool (Alcohol), Parfum(Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Limonene, Linalool, Coumarin, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol.



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