Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme 1.7 Oz


Anti-aging bio-regenerative extreme cream

Imagine immersing your skin in a product that energizes and awakens your facial senses.

We call this product "extreme" because dryness is an extreme condition. This potent formula, a rich cream packed with innovative ingredients like Artemia salina that deeply stimulate the skin’s energy and Epidermal Self-Modulator that reinforces the skin’s natural barrier, redefines and smooths the contours of the face. Your skin transcends into an optimal state of hydration after just one application.

The result: an awakening of the skin’s natural defense system, which firms, protects and deeply restores vitality. The soft rejuvenating aroma of lavender caressing your skin. Diamond Extreme is our signature global anti-aging solution. As with all our Diamond Collection, energy is at the root of the formula. Feel this dazzling boost of energy invigorate your skin.



• Provides energy to the skin.
• Regenerates.
• Nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin.

NET WT 1.7 OZ. - 50 ml

Artemia salina is a powerful catalyst for pure energy, which translates into cellular metabolism.

The combination of lipids infused in this formula – amaranth, mango and shea – creates an extremely hydrating effect.

Ursolic acid with a pea extract complement prevents loss of elasticity.

Edelweiss flower extract, a miracle plant that can grow in extreme conditions, stimulates the skin's natural defenses.



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