Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Hand Cream


Rejuvenating lightening treatment

We use our hands for everything. They reveal our paths. They endure the most yet often are neglected. Enjoy the hydrating effects of Diamond Extreme Hand Cream created just for your hands.

This luxurious lightweight cream, highly nourishing and regenerating, works with a triple action technology – anti-aging, depigmenting and long-lasting moisture. Enjoy this cream and confidently shake, hold or caress with your soft, elegant hands.

• Intensely nourishes, regenerates, and prevents dehydration.
• Corrects hyperpigmentation and prevents the appearance of new dark spots.
• Strengthens the skin barrier and acts as a protective glove against external aggressors.



Epidermal Renewal Complex (phytosphingosine), for improving skin appearance and stimulating collagen production.  

Niacinamide depigmenting action for evening skin tone and providing exceptional luminosity.  

Hydrolyzed collagen for regenerating and counteracting the loss of elasticity and firmness.  

Powerful antioxidant punicic acid (omega 5) for combating free radicals and preventing skin aging.  

A cocktail of plumping lipids (amaranth and chia oils, and shea butter) for improving skin elasticity.  

Turmeric extract for protecting skin against free radicals which cause skin aging.  



diamond extreme hand cream - step 1 - Getting the best of itSTEP 1

Apply the cream to your hands.

diamond extreme hand cream - step 2 - Getting the best of itSTEP 2

Gently massage them as they absorb all the nutrients.

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