Natura Bisse Luminous Serum


Intensive lightening corrective treatment

Shining bright; it’s an aspirational quality given the polluted world we live in. Diamond White Serum is a dramatically effective formula that radically lights up your skin.

This triple-action serum combines powerful active ingredients that renew, illuminate and depigment the skin. With exclusive Melanoreductyl peptide and glycolic, phytic, dioic and maslinic acids, this whitening serum regulates melanin production, visibly lightening spots and giving your skin a beautifully even tone.

The results: pure luminosity.



• Reduces and lightens hyperpigmentation.
• Prevents the appearance of spots.
• Restores luminosity, clarity and radiance to the skin.


A concentration of glycolic acid for polishing the surface of your skin, fading the visible appearance of dark spots.

Hydrogen peroxide for lightening existing dark spots, giving your skin a more even tone.

The combination of Melanoreductyl peptide and phytic, dioic and maslinic acids for regulating melanin production, fading existing dark spots and preventing the formation of new spots.

Suitable for vegans.



diamond white serum - step 1 - Getting the best of itSTEP 1

Apply the product daily, morning and night, to your entire face, neck and décolleté.

diamond white serum - step 2 - Getting the best of itSTEP 2

Focus on visible dark spots and areas prone to hyperpigmentation

diamond white serum - step 3 - Getting the best of itSTEP 3

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