Starter Kit


Includes the award-winning LYMA Laser and a 30-day supply of the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide to transform your skin in weeks. 


You, At Your Best

When was the last time you were truly happy? When you woke up after 8 hours sleep? That feeling you get after an exceptionally great holiday? LYMA will help you find that moment again, when everything is in balance, and you have the confidence to take advantage of everything life has to offer. You, naturally engineered to your potential. Ready to make your move.


The Challenges We Face

We may be living longer than our parents, but the fact is we are ageing faster . Modern lifestyle can be at odds with our wellbeing: stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and toxic environments all challenge our bodies. The less we sleep, the more stressed we get, the worse we eat. Life can sometimes become a toxic cycle.


But We Have an Option

We can take our wellbeing into our own hands and create our insurance policy for the future. By oiling the machine of our body, optimising our own ingenious cycles and systems, we can be our best selves and live our best futures.


Moving With Science

To do this, we need to move with the science. Human ingenuity is constantly pushing the boundaries of our understanding, and at LYMA we position ourselves out on that edge. Our global team of scientists and experts locate the latest technology and breakthroughs and see how we can apply that to our own bodies. By uncovering the best, proven,industry-leadind ingredients and technology, we upgrade our products  as the science evolves. Our passion and curiosity drives us and you to a better future.



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