Mānuka honey (100 MGO) for daily health and wellbeing. Antioxidant rich and perfect for daily use.


Boosts daily health and wellbeing through its key active ingredient methylglyoxal. Rich in
antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The moderate levels of natural methylglyoxal
(100 MGO) in this mānuka honey are perfect for daily use.

How to use:

Eat purely or drizzle in tea, in smoothies or face masks for its rich antioxidants and anti-
inflammatory properties. Do not use if you have known allergies to honey.


Mānuka honey (100 MGO certified)
Key active ingredient: Methylglyoxal
Comes in a glass jar. You can stick to your dedicated health and beauty regimen and boost it
with a daily spoonful of this mānuka. There is never a bad time to start adding (more)
mānuka to your routine!



Mahoni focuses on science-backed natural remedies for health and beauty. At the core of their
product line is the active ingredient mānuka honey.
Mānuka honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is scientifically proven to
help with a multitude of common daily ailments. It is most commonly used to soothe sore
throats, clear up skin blemishes, help treat wounds, and more.
Mahoni sources pure and authentic mānuka honey directly from New Zealand, where the
conditions are optimal for the Mānuka tree and bees to flourish in harmony. This brand uniquely
lab tests every batch of honey twice through independent laboratories to guarantee authenticity
and the highest quality product.
Viola Bloch founded Mahoni in 2020 with a line of mānuka honey products to help others reap
its health benefits and create the perfect mānuka products with features that other brands were
always missing: Easy application, precise concentrations, certified sourcing, and backed by
scientific research.
When you shop mānuka products from Mahoni, you will find the ideal concentrations for your
acute concerns and support everyday wellbeing.


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