Mason Pearson Styling Comb C4


Provides styling and touch-ups with ease Ideal for men, women and children Hand-crafted for ease of use Tapered teeth with rounded edges won't tug hair Measures 6.25'' x 1.25''

Hand made in Switzerland to the exacting quality standards of Mason Pearson, our tortoise combs meet your every need. Provides great styling wherever you go Hand-crafted, highly durable comb Tapered teeth with rounded edges won't snag hair Great for use by men, women and children.

Mason Pearson has made brushes since the 1800s, bringing the same attention to detail to its line of combs. Based in London, the company sources the best materials and time honored methods to ensure that every grooming tool with the Mason Pearson name is of exquisite quality and made to last. 


  • Length: 6.25''
  • Width: 1.25''
  • Intended use: Combing hair
  • Wet/dry usage: Wet / dry
  • Materials: Celluloid material
  • Made in Switzerland


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