Supersmile Zina45™ Sonic Pulse Toothbrush Replacement Heads


Supersmile Zina45™ is the next generation sonic toothbrush specifically designed to deliver the most professional cleaning + polishing experience at home. This brush is based on the same patented technology that Dr. Irwin Smigel, world renowned Father of Aesthetic Dentistry and Supersmile's founder, created. 

Replacement Brush head:

  • For expert cleaning + gum health.
  • Our patented 45° angles brush head, unique to supersmile®, features five tufted rows of DuPont® soft, nylon bristles. Center bristles effectively clean below gum line where plaque and bacteria accumulate while precision angled side bristles clean the tooth surface.
  • Our soft, polished, nylon bristles are safe + gentle on natural teeth and all types of dental restorations. Great for sensitive teeth.

Pro Tip:

  • As you brush, make sure you are not pressing too hard on your teeth. Listen to the music” of the bristles. In other words, you should hear the bristles moving. Allow the sonic strokes to do the work of brushing. If you do not hear the bristles, you are pressing too hard. 


2 replacement brush heads with patented 45° soft angled bristles for use with the zina45TM sonic toothbrush.


  • To remove, pull the head straight up. Place new brush head on top of zina45 sonic brush + press down.
  • Place the brush head so that the center row of bristles is positioned between teeth and gums. Choose brushing mode.
  • Begin brushing in circular motions in the upper right quadrant of mouth for 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds brush will briefly pause to alert user when to change quadrants in mouth (top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left).
  • Brush will automatically stop after two minutes.
  • After use, while brush is off, rinse brush head under warm running water. Stand toothbrush upright for hygienic drying and storage.
  • Replace brush head every 3 months.

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